March 6, 2014 // 0 Comments

At the end of my journey in Galicia, my host family asked me to make a chart of the places They made me visit… It turned out I really liked Cudillero .Carlos, my host dad, didn’t agree with that at all. He couldn’t understand how I could put Cudillero in one of the first positions. The thing is that I DO LOVE SMALL TOWNS, It might be because I grew up in a very tiny village where there’s nothing but banks and restaurants (no, I am not kidding, Carasco has 3 banks and 6 restaurants, and that’s all We have). I am not saying that I would live in small town but if I’m traveling I’d rather see a cute tiny and  distinguishing village instead of […]

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La Coruña, the glass city – La Coruña, la città di vetro

February 24, 2014 // 0 Comments

This is one of the last cities I have visited in Galicia, I was very curious to see It because It is one of the most visited cities of the region. My Spanish host family took me there and I quite liked It. I think It’s different from all the other places I have seen in Galicia because It is very modern and quite big. There are a lot of clothes shops, restaurants, coffee shops… I’d say You would live there if You’re the ” big city kind of person”. Questa è una delle ultime città che ho visitato in Galizia, ero molto curiosa di vederla perchè è uno dei posti più visitati della regione. Ho raggiunto la città in macchina, insieme alla mia famiglia […]

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